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DIY Braces at Home?

There are plenty of DIY crafts and projects you can do to save money or have fun, but braces should not be one of them! More and more people are trying out homemade braces, and the results are quite alarming. You wouldn’t want to perform surgery on yourself, right? When... Read more »

How to Adjust to Life with Braces

The decision of whether to get braces is never an easy one to make: braces are a big investment in time, energy, and of course money. You definitely want to understand what happens when you get braces, what to expect with braces in the first few days, and everything else... Read more »

7 Signs Your Child Needs Braces Sooner Rather Than Later

Deciding whether or not to get braces for your child is a big decision – you're right to question whether or not now is the right time. New technology and innovation have made braces more affordable and less intrusive than ever. However, orthodontic treatments are still a substantial investment both... Read more »

The Benefits of Smiling: 6 Unexpected Ways Smiling is Good for You

No one likes hearing "you should smile more." If you don't usually walk around with a natural grin, smiling can feel unnatural and forced. It doesn't necessarily mean you're unhappy or upset – maybe it's just not how you like to present yourself. The truth is, there are numerous health... Read more »

How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces?

At East Gate Orthodontics, one of the most common questions we receive about dental braces treatment is: “How long will I have to wear braces?” Because our mouths and orthodontia needs are unique, orthodontic treatments can differ greatly between patients. On average, it can take about 18-24 months to complete... Read more »

Am I Ready for a Retainer after Braces?

If you are getting your braces off soon, or are considering getting braces, at some point in time, we’ll talk about fitting you for a retainer. A retainer is used to help keep your teeth in place after your braces have been removed. Like braces, a retainer is custom-made for... Read more »

Teenagers Face Additional Risks to Their Smiles

Teenagers face additional risks to their smiles. A teenager often faces many risks due to the pressures of their social settings, but environmental factors also play an increased role, especially with their oral health. Due to the final adult teeth erupting above the gum line, malocclusions are more common, and... Read more »

Correct All Types of Malocclusions with Orthodontic Treatments

Are your teeth in the wrong position or out of alignment? If so, you may have malocclusions, which refers to bad misalignments with your smile. Correct all types of malocclusions with orthodontic treatments. Listed below are some common malocclusions that can occur: - Crossbites: The lower jawbone projects out farther... Read more »

Invisalign® Can Straighten Your Smile

For those who have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, gaining a straight, beautiful, healthy smile doesn’t have to be a big hassle. With Invisalign® in Chantilly, Virginia, you’ll know what to expect during the entire process. To begin the Invisalign process, have a consultation with Dr. Anisa Omar and... Read more »

How Do I Take Care of My Smile and Braces During Orthodontic Treatment?

Do you want to achieve your perfect smile in the shortest amount of time possible? If so, you need to do all you can to keep your orthodontic appliance and smile in tip-top shape. That way you won’t delay your treatment time and you won’t run into any dental issues.... Read more »