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Your Guide to a Braces-Friendly Christmas

It’s December! That means it is time for all of our winter holiday celebrations here in Chantilly. If you are one of our orthodontic patients, a lot of traditional Christmas treats will not be safe for your braces. While there are some foods you’ll want to skip this year in... Read more »

Keeping Your Braces Clean

You just got braces, and you’re wondering “How am I going to keep my teeth clean with metal brackets glued onto my teeth?” Although keeping your braces clean does require a few extra steps, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. Just follow these tips and tricks... Read more »

Thanksgiving and Your Braces

Fall is a beautiful time to be here in Chantilly, Virginia. We love to spend time this season thinking about all the things we are thankful for, including our wonderful patients! We hope you get to enjoy some time with your families for Thanksgiving this year. Sometimes it can be... Read more »

Halloween in South Riding

Trick or treat! There is a lot of Halloween fun to be had in South Riding and Chantilly this year. The most popular Halloween activity here is the classic - trick or treating! Trick or treating takes place on Halloween between sundown and about 8:30 pm. But the Halloween fun... Read more »

Halloween and Invisalign

Halloween is just around the corner! If you have traditional braces, you probably already know the do’s and don’ts of Halloween candy. Basically, orthodontic patients should avoid any candy that is hard, chewy, or sticky, as they can get stuck in your brackets and cause damage to both your braces... Read more »

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in South Riding

As any orthodontist can tell you, sugar is definitely not the best choice for your teeth or your braces. Consuming too many sugary foods can cause some serious damage. However, we understand that it is not realistic to expect our patients to never have dessert! If you’re going to treat... Read more »

Invisalign Teen

Are you considering Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment option? If you are a teen, as many of our patients are, we have great news for you! Invisalign offers a system of aligners specifically catered toward adolescents called Invisalign Teen. Invisalign Teen has all of the great benefits of a standard... Read more »

Braces for Confident Kids

Having a smile you can feel proud of can drastically improve your self image and confidence. Over the last twenty years or so, more and more medical researchers are realizing the need to understand the relationship between clinical orthodontic treatment and the psychosocial results of orthodontic care. While measuring self... Read more »

School Lunch Choices in South Riding

It is almost time to go back to school! That means it is time to start preparing for all the new routines and challenges that fall brings. Making sure that you child is getting a balanced, healthy diet can be more challenging when they eat lunch away from home. When... Read more »

South Riding Youth Sports Leagues

Are you looking for a youth sports league in South Riding for your child to participate in? Your staff at East Gate Orthodontics loves participating in and supporting our community. We’ve gathered some information about different youth sports leagues for your consideration and convenience. When signing your child up for... Read more »