Orthodontics Blog

What is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who is specifically trained to treat maxillofacial issues like jaw misalignment, malocclusion, and correcting the alignment of your teeth and smile. After attending an undergraduate program and four years of dental school, an orthodontist spends an additional 2-4 years in a post-dental orthodontic training... Read more »

Best Restaurants in Chantilly

Finding new, delicious restaurants is not always an easy feat, especially if you are new to an area or are visiting for the day! Even if you are from the area, you may be used to going to your “regular” spots because you aren’t sure about the other places around... Read more »

Maximizing Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign has always been a great choice for patients that do not want to go the traditional route and choose metal and wire braces. Invisalign is also known to be virtually painless, and the aligners are very convenient to remove whenever you need to. While it is a great option... Read more »

Valentine’s Day in Chantilly

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means it’s time to think of fun date ideas! For some people, thinking of date ideas can be stressful because there may be a lot of pressure to impress the other person. If you’re out of ideas for Valentine’s Day, take... Read more »

Best Sites to Visit in Chantilly

Aside from being home to the amazing East Gate Orthodontics, the city of Chantilly is home to some pretty awesome sites that are worth checking out! Whether you are a resident of Chantilly, or are just visiting, be sure to check out this guide for all the best spots to... Read more »

Your Guide to a Braces-Friendly Christmas

It’s December! That means it is time for all of our winter holiday celebrations here in Chantilly. If you are one of our orthodontic patients, a lot of traditional Christmas treats will not be safe for your braces. While there are some foods you’ll want to skip this year in... Read more »

Keeping Your Braces Clean

You just got braces, and you’re wondering “How am I going to keep my teeth clean with metal brackets glued onto my teeth?” Although keeping your braces clean does require a few extra steps, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. Just follow these tips and tricks... Read more »

Thanksgiving and Your Braces

Fall is a beautiful time to be here in Chantilly, Virginia. We love to spend time this season thinking about all the things we are thankful for, including our wonderful patients! We hope you get to enjoy some time with your families for Thanksgiving this year. Sometimes it can be... Read more »

Halloween in South Riding

Trick or treat! There is a lot of Halloween fun to be had in South Riding and Chantilly this year. The most popular Halloween activity here is the classic - trick or treating! Trick or treating takes place on Halloween between sundown and about 8:30 pm. But the Halloween fun... Read more »

Halloween and Invisalign

Halloween is just around the corner! If you have traditional braces, you probably already know the do’s and don’ts of Halloween candy. Basically, orthodontic patients should avoid any candy that is hard, chewy, or sticky, as they can get stuck in your brackets and cause damage to both your braces... Read more »